About the Hotel

We aim to be a warm-hearted, familiar hotel packed with kindness

"Hiyori" means "good weather" or "comfortable daily life." It is our hopes that our hostel can be a place to relax in comfort. "Hiyori" is also used to wish for good weather for various activities. We hope to provide our guests with an amazing space and and an amazing time by wishing for good weather for each of our guest's activities during their trip.

The warm hospitality that you can only find in Japan

Each member of our staff puts their heart into impressing our guests from around the world with warm service focused on each guest's needs. We aim to be a kind and warm-hearted hotel by providing guests with the best hospitality. We go the extra mile for guests with our smiles, warm hearts, and strict attention to details.

The pursuit of day-to-day comfort

We want not only those unfamiliar with the area, but also those living in the Tokyo area to feel at home while they're here so we put a lot of effort into making each room into a space where you can relax with no shoes. We use a special type of traditional Japanese tatami flooring that is more breathable and better at warding off bugs than regular tatami so that the young ones and even Mommy and Daddy can sprawl out on the floor. Furthermore, in order to help our guests relax in their rooms, we offer Pleasant Presents at check-in as well as high quality pillows for rent at the pillow bar for a good night's rest. Each room is also equipped with a plethora of extra amenities and equipment so that women can come with no luggage. Next to the front desk, guests can help themselves to a welcome drink as well as coffee during breakfast time or cup ramen late at night. We put heavy importance on familiarity when it comes to serving our guests.