The Story of Hiyori Hotel Maihama

Comfort created from women's opinions

Hiyori Hotel Maihama was created under the concept of a "kind and heart-warming hotel" using the opinions of women of several different backgrounds. We promise to create a space where you can laugh and enjoy your precious time with your loved ones after having a fun-filled day at the nearby theme park. With rooms you can spend time with your family and a soothing atmosphere created by high quality tatami, we endeavor to become a hotel that can respond to guests' various comfort needs.

An entrance that lures you out of the ordinary into the extraordinary

With a wood-based, tidy and warm front desk, a wide-open space, a chandelier hanging from the tall ceiling and and a luxurious lounge, this is the place for you to forget about your usual life and relax deeply. When you step into Hiyori Hotel Maihama from the immediately surrounding residential area, the extraordinary unfolds before you.

Exceptionally unique room atmosphere filled with comfort and ingenuity

We have a multitude of unique rooms. There are extra high quality mattresses under each bed so up to 4 people can stay in a twin room, connectable rooms to make group stays possible, and 4-person family rooms where you can enjoy the western feel of bunk beds. While there are a total of 80 rooms, by connecting rooms or pulling out mattresses, we've made 8-person stays possible. About 90% of our rooms are furnished with traditional high quality tatami to make our hotel not only luxurious, but have a traditional Japanese atmosphere. We're capable of meeting the needs of not only small groups, but several different types of gatherings.

Amenities chosen for customers by our female staff

Rooms are equipped with not only hair dryers, but also straightening/curling irons for those who think "I want a hassle-free stay." We even have a foot massager to soothe your feet after a long day at the theme park or a shoe dryer for rainy days. We use shower items from the Pola Aroma Essence Gold series which is second to none for popular hotel amenities. In addition to the regular bathroom amenity line-up, shower rooms are also supplied with other amenities such as cleansing oil or lotion so that you can come here with no luggage. Thoroughly enjoy a luxurious bath time with our shower head's mist function. Furthermore, a multitude of rental toys and equipment for the children that were chosen with great care by our female staff that we are confident you will be satisfied with.

No matter how many times or with whom you come, you'll discover new pleasures

Different themes on each floor are another unique factor of Hiyori Hotel Maihama. On the first floor you'll find our relaxing and elegant front desk and lounge as well as our bright dining area. A wood based, chic, adult atmosphere is displayed on the second floor. It's the ideal atmosphere for guests from a broad range of ages as well as for bringing along those really important people. The third floor is painted a refreshing blue-green, the fourth is a poppy yellow flower pattern, and the fifth is a relaxing salmon-pink. We aimed for a design that makes guests think "which floor and room should I stay next time?" No matter how many times you stay, the fun never ends at Hiyori Hotel Maihama.